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CLASS 2002

Ken and I truly believe in recurrent training. Ken has been riding for over 25 years. For me, it has been 10 years. Regardless of the number of years that we have been riding, we always seek at least one training event each year. Normally, that event is Reg Pridmore’s CLASS course. If you are not familiar with Reg’s training program, check them out at As their motto states, they will “teach you a lesson that you won’t forget!” Reg, a three time AMA Superbike champion, was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2002. Believe me, he has some great advice to pass on! click for larger image
Gigi and Reg—They are CLASS!
click for larger image
JoAnna and Gery
Ken and I enjoy CLASS because of the focus. While the CLASS courses take place on a race track, they are geared toward street riding. In addition, it is not necessary to safety wire your motorcycle, drain fluids, or remove all lights. You simply remove or tape your brake lights and mirrors. There is a low student to instructor ratio. Normally, there are 6-8 instructors willing to answer any questions and to work with you one-on-one. Here is a photo of Gery trying to pass me (OK—riding behind me to critique me ;-).
Generally, you will find Ken and me at both days of CLASS at Road Atlanta. However, this year we decided to journey to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Track. It was fun to ride a different track. Although I honestly like the track at Road Atlanta better. Partly because I was riding a Suzuki SV650 which was “blown away” on the long straight-away at Mid-Ohio. Road Atlanta has more curves and a shorter straight-away. Also, the road surface is a bit smoother at Road Atlanta. But, it was still great fun and I have to admit that I learned a lot! click for larger image
Ken on the Hawk

The primary lesson for me this year was to “keep the weight off the hands”. It is so important to keep a loose grip, keep a bend in the elbows, and keep the weight off the hands. All these things I have known, and practiced, but the amount of weight that I thought was OK now seems a bit excessive. And the SV650 really liked the lighter pressure much more! The tires stuck better, the suspension was more stable, and the turning was more precise.

Ride safe and enjoy!

PS—The action photos on this page were taken by Etech Photo of Eldersburg, MD (410) 795-2767.

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Ken—Honda Hawk NT650
click for larger image
Ken in action!
click for larger image JoAnna—Suzuki SV650 click for larger image
JoAnna in action!
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