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Edelweiss Bike Travel - Montana Touring Center

August 11-16, 2005

Last year, Ken and I took our first Edelweiss Bike Tour riding the “real mountains” in the Alps. We enjoyed our experience so much, we decided to take another tour this year. After studying our choices, we chose Montana, the Big Sky Country, since it is close, pretty, and we had never been there. After talking with our friend from Missoula, we opted for the on/off-road tour. Edelweiss provides the motorcycles, scouts the best roads, hires skilled and personable tour guides, and handles all the travel and lodging details. All we had to do was show up!

Ken, Bart, JoAnna, Mark, and Scott—pausing on the road to Garnet Ghost Town.

Discussing the day ahead.
We started each day with a meeting to discuss the route. Our group was small and comprised of good riders. I decided to forego the map marking, follow the group, and enjoy the scenery. When we return to Montana, I’ll study the map more diligently (or simply follow Mark and pick up his maps).
Beauty all around us!
Each day, we headed in a different direction. Missoula is an Edelweiss Touring Center which means you generally return to home base each night—no packing your luggage every day. We like that! However, the day we rode to Glacier, we did stay in White Fish in northern Montana. It seemed that each day the roads and rides were even better than before. Ken and I were very glad we had taken the off-road option as we were able to explore two old Gold Mine Ghost Towns, and see sights that would have been missed had we stayed on asphalt the entire time. Our last day included riding Lolo Pass into Idaho. While we did not ride any off-road that day, no one was upset—Lolo is a great road!

Montana is known for fly fishing.

The Rockies are spectacular!

Greater beauty lies beyond asphalt

Last year, it snowed in the Alps the Saturday before we started our tour. Would you believe this year was a record low when we were at the top of Logan's Pass in Glacier—36°—and it snowed at Swan Lake. Fortunately the snow was after we left! Everyone who knows me, knows that I do not like cold weather, but I did manage to survive without my electrics.

Ken—what a view!

It was 36° on top of Logan Pass.

JoAnna and the F650CS

Once again we were well pleased with our Edelweiss experience. They are definitely a first class operation. You would have to spend weeks, if not months, finding the great roads that the Edelweiss tour guide has scouted for the tours. This would be OK, if you have lots of free time. However, if time is limited and you want to make the most of your free time, go first class—go with Edelweiss and let one of their excellent tour guides recommend the best roads!

Scott, we thank you!!!

If you get a chance, take an Edelweiss tour!

Our Tour Guide Scott Elledge (the Deer Splitter) at Flathead Lake

Please click here to view more photographs—including larger versions of the above photos. Much thanks to Mark for providing many of photos used!

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