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Before you purchase or acquire a firearm, the responsible step for you should be training in the safety and use of firearms. Whether your interests lie in recreational shooting, competitive shooting, hunting, personal protection, home defense, historical reenactment, collecting, or simply exercising your constitutional rights, training is critical to proficient use and overall enjoyment of your firearm. The ownership of firearms is a serious undertaking. The likelihood of someone being seriously injured or killed, not to mention the opportunity for tremendous property damage, all of which could result in lawsuits costing your freedom or everything you and your family own is just too great a chance to take.

Firearms can be a source of great satisfaction and peace of mind with the right training. We have discovered defensive handgun use is one of the subjects that does not easily lend itself to self-teaching. Very little of what a defensive hand gunner needs to know can be learned from a book or from websites. Like most physical skills, defensive handgunnery is best learned through hands-on training with a professional instructor.

“Keep it simple” takes on more meaning when a person is placed under stress. One can hear or read about the degradation of fine motor skills, but nothing reinforces this like having it happen to you personally. Yes, weaknesses are exposed in one's own skill and possibly equipment. It is better to experience this during training than in a real-life situation.

Training and focused practice are the only way to develop the skill necessary to properly react during an emergency. The moment that you need to use your weapon in self defense will be the most stressful of your life. Your performance and handling of the situation is guaranteed to fall back to the level of your training. If you have no training, chances are that the outcome will not be what you expect.

Course Descriptions

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Short Description : Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely.

This course can be up to 8-hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semiautomatic pistols.

Students learn NRA's rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet, take a Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination, and course completion certificate.

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

Short Description : Non-shooting course teaches students the basic knowledge, skills, and to explain the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition in the home.

This is a four-hour course for safe gun handling that is conducted in the classroom only. Students are taught NRA's three rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of firearms accidents; firearm parts; how to unload certain action types; ammunition components; cleaning; care; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports. Students will receive the NRA Home Firearm Safety handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Basic Firearm Training Program brochure, course completion certificate.

Private Coaching

We are available for private coaching tailored to your shooting requirements. Call us to discuss options.



Atlanta Motorcycle & Handgun Schools offers the same private, personalized lessons to handgun customers that we offer to our motorcycle riding customers. The times shown are for normal NRA group sessions. Since our classes are one-on-one, the actual time may vary and is normally shorter. Once we meet an objective, we will move on. This may take longer in the group sessions. The private sessions normally meet objectives quicker allowing for extra shooting time.

With one-on-one instruction, we are able to closely watch your shooting technique and offer advice immediately. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect, only when you are practicing perfectly." In group classes offered by many instructors , students are given free range to shoot and only provided assistance when requested. As a new shooter, we may not know when to ask the right question!

Additional dates available—call (770) 573-9902 to schedule.

Course Date Time
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Call for availability 10:00 am - Course Completion *
Private Coaching Call for availability  

* Ending time depends on class size and interaction

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Course Title Approximate Duration Cost* Indicate
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Group NRA Basic Pistol Shooting
Up to 6 hours $120.00

Group NRA Home Firearm Safety
Up to 4 hours $100.00

Private Coaching—Call for availability Min 3 hours $50/hour

    Course Fee Includes:

  • Course Material
  • Range Fee
  • Use of 22 Caliber Handgun and Ammunition
  • Use of 9mm and/or 38 Caliber Handgun and Ammunition
  • Use of Hearing & Eye Protection

    Required Gear for all Handgun Courses:

  • Hearing Protection (provided upon request)
  • Eye Protection (provided upon request)
  • Handgun (If you wish to shoot your own gun - requires inspection)
  • Ammunition (bring ammunition for your handgun)
  • Appropriate dress. No cleavage showing for women.
  • Snacks, drinks, and lunch

Mail nonrefundable deposit (check or money order) within 5 days to:
J K M Inc.
201 Stiles Rd.
Epworth, GA 30541

When your application is received, you will be contacted to confirm and/or schedule your private session.

Your deposit must be received within five (5) business days to hold your scheduled date.

Three (3) business days notice is required to reschedule any course without loss of deposit.

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Disclaimer : Atlanta Motorcycle & Handgun Schools, and Ken Murray are not attorneys, and nothing said in classroom or correspondence should be construed as legal advice. You are encouraged to seek legal counsel, when required.
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