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JoAnna's Honda Reflex Scooter (replaced now by a 2002 Silverwing)

On Tuesday June 5, 2001, I purchased a new ABS equipped Honda Reflex 250cc Scooter from Roswell Fun Machines.  It's a scooter that looks like a sports bike!  And it is a beautiful dark candy apple red!  I purchased it mainly for commuting purposes.  I have a 20+ mile, one way, commute in the Atlanta area down I-575, I-75 and I-285.  Traffic is either zipping along at 80 MPH plus or crawling at less than 5 MPH...  I love my VFR Interceptor :-) and commuting is no problem at the 80 plus side, but neither of us like the 5 minus crawl.  I thought that with an automatic scooter, the 5 MPH crawl would be one thing that I would not need to worry about.  Was I ever right!  And did I mention that Scooters are FUN!

 January 5, 2002 Report:

At this point, I have over 5,500 miles on the Reflex.  I am commuting to work 4-5 days each week.  The Reflex handles beautifully on the interstate.  No problems at 70-85 MPH, even in gusting winds, light rain and 18 wheelers on I-75!  The automatic is great in stop and go mode.  The Reflex uses the left hand lever for the rear brake.  I have found that makes 'creeping' speeds much easier.  You can be on the gas and the rear brake while keeping your feet planted on the floor boards.  This keeps the Reflex extremely well balanced and stable.  

I have continued to ride in the cold weather - as low as the 20's!  We had a BMW accessory plug installed.  I use my Gerbing electric jacket and gloves.  I'm not sure how much extra battery power the Reflex has, so I turn them off (or really low) at stops and slow speeds.  But on the interstate, they are 'cranked up' and I am warm.   I have also installed a Kisan headlight modulator and Hyper-Lites for the brakes.  

Like any two wheeler, you must be more aware of the traffic around you and watch out for everyone else when riding a scooter.  Unlike a motorcycle, you cannot down shift for power.  Therefore, you must be more careful when pulling out in front of others - allowing extra time to get up to speed.  However, it is surprising how quickly the Reflex does get "up to speed".  Its light weight (only 362 pounds) and Automatic "V-Matic" transmission see to that...

Some of the miles were put on during trips to Toosy's Motorcycle Way Station  in Dahlonega, GA and in the mountains to Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort in Suches, GA.   The Reflex handles beautifully in the twisties!  It will maintain speeds as fast as you care to go - just don't plan on a quick pass...  

I am averaging between 64 and 70 miles per gallon.  I like that!  With a 3.2 gallon gas tank, I can go 170-180 miles and still have over a half gallon of gas left.   I like that, too...  And did I mention that scooters are FUN!

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Some photos taken at T. W. O. on June 10, 2001:

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