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Discount Packages

Atlanta Motorcycle Schools offers a discount when selecting 2 or more training courses. You choose the courses that are appropriate for your current skill level and desired training level. In fact, some customers choose to repeat the same course to gain further confidence and skill. Please refer to our Courses page for complete descriptions and the Sign Up page for current discount prices. Generally, the package prices reflect a 20% savings on two courses and a 30% savings on three courses.

Your chosen courses will be conducted on nonconsecutive days—generally at least one month apart.

If you are uncertain as to which course or courses are best suited to your needs, please call or email us to discuss. Our contact page has all the information to reach us. You select the discount package and we will assist you in selecting the appropriate courses. And don’t worry—if you later decide on a different course, we are flexible!

Whether you are just starting to ride, are a reentry rider, or just want to sharpen your skills, Atlanta Motorcycle School’s Discount Packages can have you riding more safely and with more confidence.

In addition to your courses of instruction, all classes include:

Use of AMS motorcycle for Course 101/102/111/202
Motorcycle safety inspection (when using your motorcycle)
Motorcycle specific classroom sessions for Course 301
Training conducted by experienced, certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructors
Completion certificate
Professional assistance in choosing motorcycles, equipment, and accessories

Since riders learn at different rates, the time shown for all courses may vary.

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