Atlanta Motorcycle Schools:
Becoming a Motorcyclist

At Atlanta Motorcycle Schools, our vision is to fulfill every rider's desire to become a motorcyclist. Our “learner-centered training” provides the foundation for the skills you need to start this journey and equips you to become a better learner. Our modules will enable you to ask questions, receive answers and develop skills that you can continue to hone long after your course is over. Our success is measured by your desire to immerse yourself in lifelong education and hone your safe-riding practices.
Motorcycle riders are unique because they experience an interesting growth and maturation seldom found among other types of motorists. If a motorcycle rider does not follow this growth path, he or she will likely give up motorcycling.

For the average rider, the transition from “motorcycle rider” to “motorcyclist” can take years. Effective motorcycle training can significantly accelerate this process. The progression from new rider to a savvy motorcyclist is characterized by an insatiable desire to acquire more knowledge and is exhibited in the following attitudes and behaviors.

Becoming a better rider

With every ride a motorcyclist begins, they expect to return a better rider. They meet this expectation by concentrating on what they are doing and how it affects their motorcycle. They use self-evaluation to improve their riding skills, comparing their level of expertise with that of others they respect. When they lead, they observe the rider behind; when they follow, they assess the skill of the rider ahead.

Managing traffic hazards

When a motorcyclist rides on busy thoroughfares or enters an intersection, they use their awareness to navigate traffic hazards safely. They realize that passive observation is not sufficient and that aggressively scanning for information is required. They never assume that they are seen by other motorists but instead command their attention through lane positioning, space cushioning, and increased visibility.

Advancing street skills

A motorcyclist understands the need for heightened awareness, focus, and control when riding at higher speeds. When riding on twisting, two-lane roads, they are visually and mentally alert, smoothly engaging the controls to master their speed and path of travel. With increasing experience, they seek out more challenging roads to hone their skills and develop better judgment.

Expecting the unexpected

A motorcyclist expects the unexpected, yet does not accept that accidents are inevitable. By constantly asking “what if,” they are better prepared to manage adversity. Every time they ride, they acknowledge their own mental and physical limitations, and those of their machine and the riding environment. Through regular practice, they seek to broaden their skills and expand their operating zone of comfort and control.

Continued learning

A motorcyclist never stops learning—whether it is taking new classes, repeating classes, reading, or simply thinking… As they learn more, they are better prepared to receive and process new information. They understand that no single course will ever provide all the information necessary to become a “motorcyclist”, nor will all the courses in the world without their active involvement. At Atlanta Motorcycle Schools, we call it “Doing your homework”—others call it “Learner-centered training.” Whatever you call it, it works!

Are you committed to becoming a “motorcyclist”—or content to be a “motorcycle rider”?


Many thanks to AMS Instructor and friend Roy Hoisington who contributed significantly to this article.
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