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Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists!

Happy July 4th to everyone! We hope you are spending time with family and friends while honoring the true meaning of the holiday!


Well, it was HOT in Taos!!! And very dry—no rain the entire trip. We learned the average rainfall in Northern New Mexico is around 8 to 9 inches a year. Not much compared to what we get in the South Eastern part of the U.S. Taos is at an altitude of over 6900 feet. Riding further into the Northern part of the state we found altitudes up to 1100 feet. This actually kept the night time temperatures in the 40's and daytime reasonable. Road conditions were good and traffic not bad at all. Our off road riding (dual sport) was excellent and eventful.

Ken also found time to tour the Kit Carson museum and visit the small Indian casino. Very interesting!!

The Dan Clark program, which Ken administers, gave out over $3,300.00 in checks to MSTA members. Click on MSTA: Dan Clark for more information on this unique MSTA program.

JoAnna took her Mary Kay products to STAR and was available for facials and SPA treatments after a long day of riding! She donated over $80 to the Dan Clark program—an amount based on a percentage of the Mary Kay sales made at the rally. We seem to always combine work and pleasure :-).

Parking Advice

The following paragraph was found on one of the dual sport forums. Beware of how you park your motorcycle!!!!

You can hear this one coming… I parked my 2003 DR650 in one of the rare shady spots at Home Despot in S. Austin, shopped for 15 minutes, came out and "where's my bike?" Well, it was lying on the median in front of my spot—flopped on its left side. Whatthefugg? A witness said that a new Cadi Escalade with paper plates (he couldn't make out the numbers!) roared into the spot (boom!), hit my bike, then reversed out and sped away. Thanks a lot. I called 911 and filed a hit and run report with the police, and the officer was able to watch the replay of the incident on the store's security video but (again) couldn't make out the plate number.

As for my damage? Snapped off tip of clutch lever, slightly bent gear shifter, minor abrasions on left side plastic parts (but no tank dings!), and crumpled license plate and holder bracket. Very lucky! Very tough bike!

Reminder (and I know this): park your bike far BACK in a spot, even with the rear of adjacent cars, but that's no guarantee you won't be clobbered. Maybe I'll start carrying around a small red traffic cone to put behind my bikes".

And a reminder from Ken: also leave your motorcycle parked in first gear to minimize travel in case something like this does happen…

Can Am Spyder

Motorcyclist-journalist and good friend Fred Rau also attended STAR this year. He and his lovely wife Cherrie are on a 10,000 mile ride around the US this summer on the Cam Am Spyder RT touring motorcycle. You can find him on Click on the video for Taos, N.M. You might also see a couple of folks you know in the video!!

Twisty Sisters 10th Anniversary Rally!

Don't miss the Twisty Sisters 10th Anniversary Rally, August 20-22, 2010. As always, it will be held at the fabulous Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort in Suches, GA! Last year's rally had a wonderful article written by our own Twisty Sister Janis Perfetto published in the national Women On Wheels (WOW) magazine. You can read it on the website—along with a plethora of other information. Whoo Whoo!!! I'm sure this year's rally will be bigger and better than ever!!!

Call or email JoAnna or Ken if you have questions after browsing the website.

BTW, men are welcome, too. However, the focus is on the women!

Motorcyclist and Concealed Carry Seminar

Our Motorcyclist and Concealed Carry Seminar was well attended at STAR. There were 386 at STAR and approximately 60 attended the seminar. A veteran State Patrol Sergeant kicked off the seminar with some local lore regarding handgun carry in the state of NM. That was followed with open discussion of different methods of carry while on a motorcycle (or anywhere), discussion of handgun types suitable for motorcycle carry, and references to check for state-specific rules and regulations. Also discussed is the need for training by qualified NRA instructors.

If you are interested in attending a similar seminar, join us at WOW Motorcycles on Wednesday, July 21 at 7:00pm. Remember reservations are required (see WOW schedule below).

Which reminds me, many families have firearms and CHILDREN in their homes. We strongly advise that your children take a children's firearms class. It will be a non shooting class and will provide the child with some excellent advice and information on the do's and don'ts of firearms in the house.

For example, if they are visiting a friend's home and find a firearm the child should:

1. STOP! Don't Touch.
2. Leave the Room.
3. Tell an Adult.

Or better yet, bring your kids to a class with you to learn more about having firearms in your house. Call Ken and JoAnna at 770 573 9902 for more information about private lessons. Remember, education is the key to better understanding and security in any sport.

And while on this subject, we still have an opening for the NRA Basic Handgun Class on the 29th of July. Go to for information and the application.

Upcoming WOW Motorcycle Education Events:

Each month, WOW Motorcycles offers excellent educational events at their facility. These events start at 7:00pm but arrive early to enjoy your snack. Reservations are required as these events fill up quickly!

July 21st Concealed Carry for Motorcyclists. Know your rights and responsibilities.
Panel Discussion by Ken Murray NRA Instructor, Chuck Watwood Motorcycle Attorney, and Elliot Parsowith NRA Instructor and Glock Armorer.
August 18th Suspension and Geometry by Kent Soignier from GMDComputrack.
Back by popular demand! Take your bike to the next level.
September 15th Double header! Michelin Tires and Motul Oil.
Presented by Jeff Reid from Michelin and Ken Cotzin from Motul. Learn how tires are made and why motorcycles need their own oil.
October 20th Final Seminar! Basic Motorcycle Maintenance and Winterization
presented by WOW Motorcycles. Missed the first one? Don't miss this one!

CALL to reserve your seat! (770) 424-8804

JoAnna's Mary Kay Special of the Month:

Mary Kay has introduced some beautiful new Eye Shadow and Lipstick shades for the summer. In addition, we now offer a Liquid Lipstick that goes on like a Lip Gloss and covers like a Lipstick. During the month of July, take 10% off any Lipstick purchase!

Visit my website and enter "AMS Special" in the comments, call (770-573-9902) or email me!

Check out the Mary Kay Summer Catalog!

Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and JoAnna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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