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Newsletter Volume 12-2010

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Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists!

Wow, fall does arrive quickly—especially in north Georgia. We hope all of you are enjoying some refreshingly cool mornings and days that are enjoyable as well!

This weekend, (17 through 19 September) JoAnna and I will be in Dillard, Georgia for the S.E. Regional STAR Rally. Click on SE STAR for more information. We may see some of you there.

Recurrent Training/Education

The following paragraph is an excerpt from an excellent article that appeared in the BMW Owners News pertaining to Rider Education. The writer wrote in part:

He feels the future of motorcycle rider training will follow the current dichotomy: MSF (state programs) will handle the lowest-level training: enterprising experts will then teach advanced skills and concepts. The difficulty is that there are so few private experts available to teach the higher level street skills and concepts in this country. Note that I purposely exclude track oriented classes.

Why is it that our motorcyclists find no problem spending $7,000.00 to $30,000 on a new motorcycle, but expect training to be free, cheap, or not at all necessary??

JoAnna and I recommend recurrent classes every 18 to 24 months to retain these perishable skills. Every class you take will result in either learning a new skill/technique (mental or physical), refreshing a forgotten bit of information, or gaining a more complete understanding of a concept.

As mentioned in a previous update, we now have two locations for motorcycle training. The Dawson County Sports Complex near Dawsonville and the Fannin County Recreational Center near Blue Ridge.

Recently we scheduled a special session for a long time street rider who has never ridden with a passenger. His request is that we provide instruction for him and his new bride to assist both to better enjoy riding together. If you have need of a specialized course tailored to your riding, contact JoAnna and me at (770) 573-9902.

Ribbon Cutting at Fannin County Sports Complex

Basic Handgun Safety

Do you have a firearm at home that you do not know how to operate safety?
Are you thinking about purchasing a gun for personal protection?
Would you like formal instruction on pistol shooting fundamentals?
Are you considering getting a concealed handgun permit?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Basic Handgun Safety Course
presented Ken and JoAnna is for you.

We offer:
NRA Certified Instructors
On site classroom and shooting range
Handgun shooting exercises

Timing is Everything

Q. Can you tell me what is meant by "Timing", pertaining to a revolver? I had purchased a revolver some years back and was told the "Timing" had to be adjusted.

A. Timing refers to whether the cylinder has turned and precisely lined up the chamber that is going to fire with the forcing cone on the rear of the barrel, BEFORE the hammer falls and fires the round. If the timing is slightly off (not uncommon with inexpensive or old guns) the bullet will be jumping across the gap before the barrel is lined up and some of the bullet is likely to be scraped off and blow out the side of the revolver. It's kind of a small shower of lead to the sides of the cylinder. It's actually somewhat dangerous if you have somebody standing to the side. Obviously bad timing, that's scraping bullets, is not good for accuracy since you're re-shaping the round bullet as you fire.

The fix calls for a skilled gunsmith to adjust the ratchet and pawl mechanism at the rear of the cylinder that turns the cylinder when you pull the trigger (pull back the hammer on a single action). And he may adjust the cylinder stop, under the cylinder, that drops into the detents on the side of the cylinder to lock the position each time for firing.

It's definitely professional work.

For those of you who are revolver affectionatoes, call Ken for information and discussion on this subject.

Daytona Biketober Fest

Don't forget that Daytona is hosting the annual Biketober Fest on October 9th through the 17th. Weather is usually much better than the spring Bike Week. The event includes tons of venders and manufacture demonstration rides. For the most fun, attend some of the races at the various tracks.

Clutch Play

The "Friction Zone" is an essential tool and technique at a motorcyclist's fingertips. Many riders have the impression that a clutch serves only two purposes - getting the motorcycle moving and getting it stopped without stalling. A clutch is much more versatile than that. Used properly, the friction zone will smooth throttle roll-on at low speeds, improve your low-speed maneuvering capabilities, and make for seamless shifts Those of you who have been in our Course 201, remember the "Slow Ride" exercise? Judicious use of the rear brake, throttle and FRICTION ZONE make this maneuver a piece of cake!!

Many riders, particularly those with small hands, may have problems reaching and holding onto the clutch lever throughout its entire travel. This may be due to an adjustment issue with the lever, not enough muscle tone in the forearm, a lever that doesn't "fit," and even nervousness. In addition, riders may not have a good understanding of a smooth and controlled clutch release and the advantage this offers.
For you scooter riders, not having a clutch can result in "jerky" slow speed maneuvers. Try using a little rear brake with the throttle to smooth out your slow speed travel.

2010 World Superbike Schedule

3 October Magny-Cours, France

Consult your TV listing for the schedule

Clip verses Magazine

Q: Can you explain the difference between a clip and a magazine

A: A "clip" is a bent piece of brass or steel that holds rounds to speed load a military rifle. For the '03 Springfield, 30-06 rounds came in 5 round "stripper clips" that perched up above the open bolt so that 5 rounds could be quickly pushed down into the receiver of the Springfield.

For the M-1 Garand, 30-06 rounds were gripped by a steel clip and sent to the soldiers in bandoleers holding a number of "clips" of ammo. The Garand is loaded by shoving a full clip of ammo down into the receiver. The Garand fires the eight rounds and ejects the now empty clip with the last shot, clearing the receiver to accept another loaded clip of 8 rounds.

The Germans and the French also packaged their cartridges in stripper clips to speed load their bolt action rifles in WW-1 & 2.

A clip does not have an internal spring forcing the rounds up. That is the design of a "magazine".
Many modern rifles and all modern semi-auto handguns use "magazines" to reload.
They are frequently referred to as "clips", especially by gangster rappers, but they are magazines, with an internal spring and a follower to move the ammo up as the rounds are loaded and fired.


Upcoming WOW Motorcycle Education Events:

Each month, WOW Motorcycles offers excellent educational events at their facility. These events start at 7:00pm but arrive early to enjoy your snack. Reservations are required as these events fill up quickly!

October 20th Final Seminar! Basic Motorcycle Maintenance and Winterization
presented by WOW Motorcycles. Missed the first one? Don't miss this one!

CALL to reserve your seat! (770) 424-8804

Our Concealed Carry and Motorcyclists seminar took place at World of Wheels Motorcycle in Marietta, Ga in July. The attendance was the largest turnout (RSVP) in the two years of presenting seminars. Close to 170 attendees. The seminar lasted about an hour and a half.

We had a Marietta police office represent the law enforcement side of citizen carry. Chuck Watwood, a local motorcycle attorney and of course JoAnna. JoAnna also has her license to carry and does so regularly.

JoAnna and I frequently conduct Concealed Carry presentations for ladies and civic groups. Please call us if you have an occasion for us to present this seminar.

Click WOW Concealed Carry Blog to view a summary.

JoAnna's Mary Kay Special of the Month:

New Fall styles are Metro Chic and Mary Kay's new catalog has all the greatest looks! And you can have them, too! Call or email me to schedule your complementary make-over! Check out these looks and Limited Edition products in the new Fall and Holiday Catalog. And, if you buy $40.00 in the Metro Chic line, you can also buy the Metro Chic clutch with clip-on gloss for $5.00. My special—buy $60 total and the clutch is FREE! The Limited Edition Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands makes a wonderful gift (but you will want one for yourself, too!).

One AMS/Mary Kay customer is holding a party and donating her hostess gift to the Fannin Regional Hospital Auxiliary (Pink Ladies). Another customer is donating her hostess gift to the Alzheimer's Memory Makers. Both are examples of Mary Kay and Mary Kay customers doing GOOD! If you would like to host a party for your favorite charity (and YOU could be your favorite charity :-), just let me know!

Visit my website and enter "AMS Special" in the comments, call (770-573-9902) or email me!

Check out the Mary Kay Fall and Holiday Catalog!

Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and JoAnna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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