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Newsletter Volume 13-2010

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Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists!

We hope you are all enjoying the fall colors! It seemed to take longer than usual for the colors to appear, but they are spectacular now! I don't think they will last much longer, however...

True Grit (a.k.a. 50cc Fun Run)

Yesterday, 30 October, JoAnna and I participated again in the TRUE GRITS riding event at Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort in Suches, Georgia. The ride began at 1:30pm and covered about a 50-60 mile loop north on Hwy 60 to Skeenah Gap Road, then Old Blue Ridge Hwy, back to Hwy 60 heading south, and returning to TWO. There were about 100 motorcycles and scooters. These vehicles will normally have engine displacements of 50cc and be of the two stroke variety (However, some are "doctored" just a bit :-D—Ours are stock...). Being Halloween, there are costumed riders on these colorful motorcycles from all over the South Eastern part of the country. You will see sidecars, trailers and many kinds of different "farkles" on these motorcycles…

You can Google "True Grit 50cc Fun Run" for lots more information if you are interested!

Ken and JoAnna Lining up for the Start

Groups of 4-6 Were Released at a Time

Business is Blooming

Our business has been down in 2010 due to the economy—I'm sure the same holds true for many of you… However, what is lacking in numbers is certainly made up for in quality. We have had some of the most interesting customers from all over the globe! This year alone, we have had customers take our classes who currently live and work in Punta Gorda, Fl. (Ken's mother live here, too!); China; Qatar; and Morocco—as well as, others who now live in the states but are from areas such as The Czech Republic, Belgium, and Australia. Do you remember the rain Wednesday? Would you believe we had three customers from the same family who had never ridden before learn to ride that day?! They will never fear riding in the rain after that day!

We have also had several recent returning Iraqi and other combat veterans taking our courses.

We LOVE our life and our wonderful customers (even those from Slap Out, AL :-).

I know Ken always reminds you at the end of class, and please know we mean it—feel free to contact us with any questions you would like to ask or topics you would like to discuss. We love hearing from you!

New BMW Release

Showcasing the new BMW S 000 RR's blazing speed, sex appeal, and serious customizing potential, BMW Performance Center is taking this special machine on a white-hot burnout and drag-running tour of the southeast.

Blinged out with every piece of carbon filter and billet aluminum in BMW's official High Performance catalog, this Bavarian barnstormer brings major street and drag cred with a Brock's Performance CT Meg™ Full-Titanium Carbon-Tip exhaust system, Brock's-mapped Dynojet Power Commander, Alui-Pro 9" over swingarm, controlled by Brock's custom Dragshock™ and this double R rolls on ultra-trick BST carbon-fiber wheels.

Check the dates below and bring your crew to see the legendary, multi-time national champion Keith "Shine" Dennis, perform his magic quarter-mile boogie on this one of a kind show and go rocket. Date Event Type Location

Thursday, October 28
Mooresville Dragway, Test and Tune 8415 Hwy. 152 W.
Mooresville, NC 28115
October 30-31
Maxton Mile Land Speed Trials Laurinburg/Maxton Airport Industrial Park, Maxton, NC
November 4
Vortex Bike Night 438 Moreland Avenue,
Atlanta, GA 30307
November 6-7
Lee's Performance MIRock
Super Bike Drag Series
2153 Highway US 1 North
Rockingham, NC
November 12-14
Voldosta Manufacturers Cup
Drag Race Final
South Georgia Motorsports Park,
2521 Highway 41, Adel, GA

Join the "perfect storm" of BMW activities at this year's Manufacturers Cup Final at Valdosta, GA. This is your chance to not only witness one of the largest drag bike racing events but to be amongst multiple BMW race teams and stunt riding events at Southern Georgia Motorsports Park on November 12-14.

Teams Participating:
* Brock's Performance and their BMW S 1000 RR Drag Bike Team.
* Morton BMW's S 1000 RR Drag Bike Team.
* BMW Performance Center's new S 1000 RR Drag Bike.
* BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta and BMW Racer Nate Kern.

And don't miss BMW Stunt Rider Chris "Teach" McNeil's awesome tricks on the S 1000 RR at this year's Manufacturers Cup Final.

Basic Handgun Lessons Offered

As most of you know, JoAnna and I are NRA certified Basic Handgun Instructors. We offer the excellent NRA 8 hour handgun course.

This course is mainly for new pistol owners (or those who have not yet purchased a handgun) and those where other family members maintain a pistol in the house. We provide the handguns, ammunition, and eye & ear protection. For more information call us at 770 573 9902.

Tips for storing your motorcycle

Fuel system:

We recommend the use of a fuel stabilizer to keep your gas fresh and to protect your carbs and gas tank from corrosion and residue deposits. STA-BIL Marine (#530-0055) has been reformulated to offer double corrosion protection as well as protection from the ETHANOL additive in gasoline. Fill your tank and add stabilizer using the directions on the bottle. Run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the mixture into the carbs. Fuel injectors are less affected but still greatly benefit from this additive. Get the big bottle!! It also work great in lawnmowers, Jet Ski's and blowers, too.


Tires are affected by heat, sunlight, and dampness as well as ozone, which is given off by electric motorcycles. Keep your motorcycle out of direct sunlight and away from electric motors such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. Store your motorcycle with the tires fully inflated in a cool dry place. Use your center stand (if you have one) to keep weight off of the tires.

More storage information coming about the battery and lubrication in the next UPDATE.

Concealed Carry Options

As reflected by increases in firearm sales and CWP applications, more Americans are expressing their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. This also means more people are now trying to determine the best way to carry a concealed handgun.

There are multiple factors that influence carry method such as the handgun's size and type, the person's body shape and clothing worn, and the carrier's imagination. However, there are a few accepted methods such as ankle, shoulder and strong side. Each of these has its advocates, but strong side (high on the waist near the strong hand) is the preferred method of many experts. There are many ways to carry a gun, but the one that makes the most sense is high on the waist.

Holster Choices

There are three types of commonly used strong-side holsters: inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB) and belly band.

Inside the Wasteband (IWB)-Provides good cover via shirt or coat while keeping a handgun accessible, but requires an overly large waistband to allow fit. IWB works best with medium-sized, narrow handguns.

Outside the Wasteband (OWB)-Keeps a handgun easily accessible, but requires a long cover garment to keep the holster from showing when bending or reaching. OWB allows carry of larger handguns.

Belly Band-Deepest cover for strong side, but handgun must be accessed by pulling up or ripping open the shirt. Belly band carry is best for small to medium polymer handguns as the gun is close to the body and susceptible to sweat.

JoAnna however prefers to carry her Lady Smith 38 revolver in a nice looking purse.

For more information and discussion on Concealed Carry, contact Ken at 770 573 9902.

Lesson Learned

Two weekends ago, Ken and I joined some friends for "fun in the woods" on our dual sport motorcycles. The weather was wonderful, the leaves were "almost" there, the riding was great, and the fellowship fantastic! Everything was "perfect"… Until we were about an hour from home. My motorcycle did not want to turn like normal. Since we had been riding off-road and I had lowered my air pressure—this did not concern me too much… But later the motorcycle started "rocking" side-to-side a bit. I noticed the road surface had rain grooves in it and thought this combined with the lowered pressure could be causing the sensation…

Normally, a front tire losing air can be felt in the handlebars and the steering will become mushy. A rear tire losing air pressure can sometimes be felt through the saddle and some "drift" side to side (almost like a very windy day). Notice I said normally-because this was NOT what I was feeling. It felt like the motorcycle was just rocking side-to-side(remember, the "lean your motorcycle to the left and feel its weight, now lean to the right"?) which made for really interesting turns… What could that be?!

We were on Hwy 64 riding due West in an area with high speed sweepers, rapid changes in elevation, and no service stations, businesses, or even safe pull-over areas. Finally, we did find a lone service station with an air pump. Not knowing exactly what was wrong, I knew the only safe thing was to stop slowly and smoothly(well as slowly as I could with traffic behind me). I finally was able to stop and ride to a point where we could check the air pressure. I was thinking it was an issue with the front tire since it felt nothing like the time I had previously had a flat rear tire.

Well, the front tire pressure was fine (a little low from riding off-road)-but the rear tire was off the rim! The tire was a tubeless tire, so we tried (with help from some wonderful locals) to pop the tire back on the rim by tying a line down the center of the tire, pulling it very tight, and pumping it up. Nothing worked… Finally, we concluded there was indeed a tube in the tire (which was the case). Fortunately, we were able to leave the motorcycle at the station and return with the truck and trailer the next day to pick it up.

Lessons learned: PAY attention to handling. If it does not feel right, slow down, rid smoothly, and check it out as soon as safely possible! Always practice SMOOTH—it will save your bacon when there is a problem. And hope you are lucky enough to be able to SAFELY ride to a point where you can SAFELY check the motorcycle.

JoAnna's Mary Kay Special of the Month:

WOW, I just returned from Autumn Advance in Las Vegas, NV where I learned I was #4 in wholesale sales in my unit (approximately 2,000)! Thanks to all of you who have helped me reach that amazing level! My goal is to be in the Queen's Court of Sales for Seminar in Dallas next June.

My special this month, buy one item at full price and you can purchase a second item of same or lesser value for half price!

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Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and JoAnna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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