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Newsletter Volume 2011-1

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Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists!

The holidays and "BIG" Christmas snow fall is behind us!! JoAnna and I really hope that you all have had a very good holiday and we wish you the very best for the New Year. We were snowed in for almost a week-glad there was no pressing need to travel!

Tips for storing your motorcycle (continued...)

Some of you have or are about to finally put your motorcycle away for the remainder of the winter… For those, we recommend you change the oil and filter, and run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the new oil. You may want to change it again in the spring as condensation can form in your engine during the cold weather. Also a good idea to apply a liberal coating of lubricant to your chain. This can also apply to your cables, lever pivots and linkages.

As mentioned in our previous Update, if you are not going to be using your motorcycle for three or more weeks, put some Stab-Bil fuel stabilizer in your tank. This will prevent corrosion from moisture and varnish build-up. Mix it in really good and run the engine for awhile so it takes the fuel stabilizer to the carburetors. This advice also applies for those of you riding fuel injector motorcycles. It is also best to have a full gas tank so there is less room for water condensation to build and cause rust.

Member Profile

Recently the Motorcycle Sports Touring Association added JoAnna to their member profile page. You can access her profile by clicking on Member-Profile-JoAnna-Murray. That's our girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Considering Purchasing a Handgun?

For those of you considering a purchase of a firearm we recommend you carefully consider all aspects of firearm ownership before purchase. This includes your reason for ownership, local laws governing ownership, and proper firearm handling. Once you are ready to purchase, we strongly suggest you take an NRA Basic Pistol Course prior to the purchase.

For example, during the course that we provide, you will be handling several different types and caliber of handguns. This experience will provide you with enough information and experience to be able to make a better handgun purchase based on fit, ease of use, purpose, and method of carry. Of course we provide the handguns and all ammunition, but if you already own a handgun, by all means bring it along for additional practice and training.

When you are in the gun store keep these things in mind:

Firearms may not be loaded in the store and customers may not handle a firearm and ammunition at the same time.
Customer must examine firearms one at a time at the firearm counter.
Please follow basic safety precautions when handling and examining a firearm, including keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction and always handle the firearm as though it were loaded.
Follow all directions from the counter salesmen and manager.
Never "joke around" with or about firearms.

JoAnna and I will discuss with you the handguns available and help you make a better shopping decision. We recommend that you go to more than one shop and as always, shop carefully. As long time customers of ours, you do know that we are always available to discuss any and all questions you may have regarding motorcycling and/or firearm ownership.

Up-Coming Motorcycle Shows

Atlanta's two large motorcycle shows are scheduled for January.

21-23 (Fri-Sun) - World of Wheels. World congress Center, 285 Andrew Young Int"l Blvd NW.

28-30 (Fri-Sun) - The Great American Motorcycle Show at the North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Ct Norcross, GA 30093 (770 279 9899 or

Xocai: Healthy Chocolate

On a personal note please read the following…

For the past several years I have had the notion that I should begin losing some of this excess poundage I've been carrying around. Some of the benefits of course could be; my knees will thank me, I might be a bit more flexible (like tying the shoelaces), I have always remembered the tight and firm waist line that "usta" be there in my younger days. My handgun belt holster just might fit closer too…. Well, my sweet wife (JoAnna) came up with the solution. Knowing my lifelong weakness for dark chocolate, she happened upon XOCAI recently. I have actually lost 12 well placed pounds (and several inches) with this interesting and tasteful diet plan… I'll admit that I'm one of the most skeptical of the skeptics when it comes to new (different ??) ideas, but this is just plain great. Might I add it also tastes darn good, too!! But I'll let JoAnna tell the rest of the story… Listen up guys. If it works for me, it can do the same for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Gals, this works great for us women, too! And it really is HEALTHY CHOCOLATE! Bet you never thought you would hear those two words together! Ken and I have both lost pounds and inches with these high antioxidant, high protein, high fiber, low carb shakes! The greatest thing: it has not felt like dieting! We have both commented we were not hungry and there have been none of the usual cravings!! If any of you are interested in losing weight in a way that truly seems "too good to be true", please check out "Harnessing the Power" on my JoAnnas Chocolates site!

Call or email me with any questions ( or 770.573.9902). Happy Dieting!

Scheduling Now for Spring

We are already scheduling for the months of March and April for motorcycle classes. Specifically the street course 301 Street Smarts and the Dual Sport class. For Course 301, you ride your motorcycle and typically it takes place in North Georgia. We place particular emphasis on how to correctly handle the motorcycle in the tight curves and bends. Let us help you acquire more confidence and skill in riding the twisties…

We do provide the Dual Sport motorcycles for Course 202. Perhaps some of you have heard and expressed the notion that it is more fun to ride a slow motorcycle fast than to ride a fast motorcycle slow. To get the smile back on your face, ride with us on the 200cc dual sports, both off road and on road.. More FUN!!!! To submit your application, go to the Sign-Up Form on our website. As you know, we schedule by appointment only…

Ethanol and Motorcycles

What will the new ethanol rule change mean to you??

The EPA waiver has cleared the way for gas stations to start selling fuel with 15% ethanol, or E15, for cars and trucks built since 2007.

The EPA specifically says that motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, chainsaws and heavy-duty vehicles, such as delivery trucks and buses are prohibited from using it…

Let's watch carefully when we ride our motorcycle up to the pump at the gas station from now on…


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Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and JoAnna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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