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Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists!

The continuing hot and humid summer weather has convinced JoAnna and me to seek cooler climates…

Twisty Sisters USA Riding Club Rally 2011

The Twisty Sisters Riding Club USA 2011 Rally is now in the history books. With the closing of TWO, there was a dilemma as to where to hold this event. Michelle at The Lodge at Copperhead in Blairsville made us an offer we could not refuse-and we could not have asked for a more perfect host or location. Everything was first class!

The ladies (and gentlemen), had a great time riding, eating, attending seminars, being pampered, and simply visiting with their "chosen" sisters and meeting new ones. There were all kinds of activities planned including a street ride, dual sport ride, and the first ever "ride to shoot".

We had many seminars planned—the two most attended being Ken and Chuck Watwood's (Law Bike) "Motorcycles and Concealed Carry" seminar and SKERT's "Dropped Bike Demo". How many times have you seen a 112 pound woman pick up a 900+ pound Goldwing???


Dropped Bike Demo (Pink Ribbon Rides)

SKERT watching Angela pick up a Goldwing.

World of Wheels motorcycle dealership provided most of the door prizes for the ladies. Many thanks go out to Candy and WOW!!! Visit them for a huge selection used motorcycles.

I'll have to admit, one of my favorite parts… Ken lead a group of 8 ladies to our house for the "Ride to Shoot". There were two guys in two different locations who were weed eating-the air-as they turned to watch the group of lady riders. Wish I had a picture of that… Priceless!

There are lots more photos posted on our Twisty Sisters Facebook page. Check them out!
151 Copperhead Pkwy, Blairsville, GA 30512
(706) 745-8000

World Of Wheels Seminar Schedule Set

If you have not taken advantage of the free seminars at WOW Motorcycles, you are missing out! Candy and Company have done a great job putting together quality seminars and they are offered FREE of charge. You can find more information on the WOW website, but below is a recap.

WOW 2011 Seminar Schedule

August 17th Leatt Brace: Saving your Neck
presented by Teri Lynn. New Street Brace. See it here first!
Sept 21st Motorcycle Maintenance
presented by WOW Motorcycles
October 19th Worldwide Riders share their stories.
Larry Johnson and Cathy Davies

Light snacks will be served at 6:30pm and seminars start promptly at 7pm.
All seminars are held on the third Wednesday of the month.
Please RSVP by phone 770/424-8804 or email
We hope to see you for all of the 2011 Rider Education Seminars. Tell your friends!

Suspension (or How not to go Bump in the Turn)

While some of you are aware of the importance of how your suspension affects your ride and handling, many others may not be. The job of the suspension is to keep the tires on the ground. That means it needs to be able to extend for a pothole and retract for a bump. And ideally, return to the normal ride (sag) position with the least amount of discomfort and utmost control.

JoAnna and I have the suspensions upgraded on all of our personal motorcycles. We find the benefits of added control and riding comfort worth the extra cost of replacing stock suspension components. If you are not in the habit of "adjusting" your suspension, you should at least try tweaking your stock suspension settings. This is especially important as the components age and you put on more miles. If you intend to keep your motorcycle for a while, by all means, look into having the suspension upgraded or at least tuned by a suspension professional.

Recently I had our friends at Traxxion Dynamics in Woodstock change the fork oil in the front forks (Race Tec emulators were installed 4 years ago), rebuild the rear shocks, and completely tune the entire suspension based on our riding style…

You may contact Mike Hardy at 770 592 3823 at Traxxion for more information. To find more information go to

Your motorcycle will thank you for it! And you will be thankful as well!

AMS Guide to US Road Racing

Michelin National Challenge Series 2011 calendar:

Round 6: barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, Al., September 9-10
Round 7: WERA Grand National Finals, Road Atlanta, Braselton, Ga., October 26-30

WERA Endurance Series Calendar:

Round 6 Barber motorsports Park 4 hours, Leeds, AL. September 10
Round 7 WERE Grand National Finals 4 hours, Road Atlanta, Braselton, GA. October 28


As to a discussion of firearms for personal protection for motorcycle riders; anyone that doesn't recognize the corollary between rider safety gear and personal protection "gear" is simply not paying attention to what's going on around them. You are no less "rolling the dice" in your traveling adventures when you aren't carrying some form of personal protection, than you are when you don't wear all the gear when you ride off into the unknown. Personal protection is personal protection and is not something that you can trust to another. Just like your proactive responsibility for your personal safety in the event of a crash, you must take a proactive responsibility for your personal safety in self-defense.

You can't expect a law enforcement officer to be there the moment someone threatens your personal safety and you can't dictate when that may happen any more than you can dictate when a car is going to move quickly into your lane, turn in front of your unexpectedly or when your rear tire/wheel can have a catastrophic failure that slams your butt to the ground. Lastly, you have to also understand it is NOT law enforcement's job to always be there and to put their life on the line for you. Their responsibility is REACTIVE, not PROACTIVE. They are there to protect you when it is reasonable to do so, and AFTER the fact through investigation and arrest of those that have committed acts against others.

Xocai: Healthy Chocolate Update

Have you seen the FOX News video about recent research where unprocessed cocoa helps to increase athletic endurance by 50%? Note: this is only unprocessed cocoa like used in the Xocai products. Caroline (my Xocai mentor), dove into the actual research itself to write this post. I love it when the research proves what those of us who eat Xocai consistently know because of the way we feel!

If you would like more information, email me, call me, or visit my website (, 678.777.7417 or ).

"The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long and healthy you will live." (Dr. Richard Cutler, while director of the Anti-Aging Research)

Continuing Education

Continuing rider education is important for any motorcyclist—not only to develop and improve physical skills, but also to develop and improve those ever important mental skills. It is always interesting to note the number of people who take lessons to improve their golf game, or increase physical fitness, play music, or fly an airplane. How many do you know who have ever been hurt playing golf—or the piano?? Flying, yes but then annual training and certification is mandatory, right??

When was the last time you had a motorcycle instruction class of any kind?? When was the last time you did some "purposeful practicing" on your ride??

Are you really as good of a motorcycle rider as you think you are?? Or as you need to be??

Remember, returning AMS Customers enjoy a 10% discount. Take advantage of it!

Best Caliber - One more time

If I place my bullets where they need to be, regardless of which adequate caliber (38spl, .380, 45ACP, 9mm, 40S&W, 357Mag, 357SIG, 10mm etc.) what do you think will happen to the target?

If I place my bullets in a non-vital area of the target, regardless of which adequate caliber, what do you think is going to happen?

My favorite response comes from a SEAL team member when questioned about their use of 9mm in 124gr NATO FMJ. 1250 fps out of their SIG 226's.

"If I place two in your chest and one in your head, what difference does caliber make?"

Get the most reliable platform you can.
Make sure the firearm fits you.
The firearm must be reliable.
Learn to shoot the firearm well. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.
The firearm must be reliable.
Make sure you get good training. Practice, practice, practice - PERFECTLY!
The firearm must be reliable.
Choose a good bullet for your caliber. (There are lots of good ones out there today)
The firearm must be reliable.
You must clean your personal protection firearm every time you use it. Every time! No excuses. None.
The firearm must be reliable.
Get more training.
The firearm must be reliable. There are absolutely no exceptions to reliability.
Clean the firearm, and learn how it works, to the lowest level component.

Now if you still wonder which caliber is best?

JoAnna's Mary Kay Special of the Month:

The Mary Kay Toning Body Lotion is the perfect compliment to anyone's skin—but especially anyone losing weight. It helps develop the collagen and reduce the cellulite. This month, take 10% off the Toning Body Lotion and Hand and Décolleté Cream combination.

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Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and Joanna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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