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Newsletter Volume 2011-7

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Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists!

It's mid September and if we lived up North, the end of our riding season would be quickly approaching. However, OUR riding is really starting. Just be careful as you ride the hills in North Georgia due to the increasing number of local festivals in every small town bringing tourists (AKA Leaf Peakers) up from the South… Traffic can be horrendous!! There will be moonshine festivals, apple festivals, gold festivals, Bluegrass festivals and beer festivals!!!!!!! You name it and it's going on from now through the end of October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vacation 2011—Alaska!

JoAnna and I have been busy in so many ways these past few weeks!

Our recent 2 weeks in the Kenai Peninsula was our first vacation that didn't involve work and motorcycles!!! However, it did involve Grizzly bears, moose, wolves, Sockeye salmon, cool temperatures and a neat visit to the Denali National Park (Mt McKinley) and much more! If you are on Facebook and a fan of Atlanta Motorcycle Schools, you can view more photos there. But here are a couple of our favorites:

Ken with his Sockeye Salmon catch!


JoAnna and the Grizzly (upper right)

After returning from fishing one day, we were greeted by a Grizzly on the opposite bank of the slough. Fortunately, he was more interested in eating dead fish than us!

World Of Wheels Seminar Schedule Set

If you have not taken advantage of the free seminars at WOW Motorcycles, you are missing out! Candy and Company have done a great job putting together quality seminars and they are offered FREE of charge. You can find more information on the WOW website, but below is a recap.

WOW 2011 Seminar Schedule

Sept 21st Motorcycle Maintenance
presented by WOW Motorcycles
October 19th Worldwide Riders share their stories.
Larry Johnson and Cathy Davies

Light snacks will be served at 6:30pm and seminars start promptly at 7pm.
All seminars are held on the third Wednesday of the month.
Please RSVP by phone 770/424-8804 or email
We hope to see you for all of the 2011 Rider Education Seminars. Tell your friends!

Motorcycle and Handgun Seminars


Last Saturday we were at beautiful Lake Tobisfkee near Macon attending the ABATE state rally. While there on Saturday afternoon, JoAnna and I presented our Motorcyclist & Concealed Carry Seminar to an enthusiastic group at a lakeside pavilion. We also had representatives from Georgia Carry organization share the seminar with us.

If you are going to be riding north next weekend, we will be presenting a similar seminar at Pandora's European Motorsports in Chattanooga, TN. That will be on Saturday, September 24 at 11:00 AM. Hope you can join us!

Back to Basics—Turning

Pick your proper lane position and path of travel carefully in turns.

Doing so provides an increase in your line of sight, creating a space cushion against potential dangers such as oncoming traffic. Stay to the outside (in a curve) until you see the exit; use the outside, inside, outside line to increase line of sight and maximize ground clearance.

The four steps of the turning process (all completed prior to the actual turn):



Find the appropriate gear.
Roll-on should result in immediate speed increase
Roll-off should result in immediate slowing
Never coast through a turn, be in the correct gear to allow steady throttle throughout the turn. Note that "steady throttle" is not the same as constant acceleration.

If you would like to review the lessons learned in course 101, go to our 101 Course Summary (not available as a link on our website).

Considerations for Purchasing Your First Handgun

Buying that first handgun can be almost as frustrating as buying that first motorcycle! Unfortunately too many new handgun owners also buy the wrong handgun.

Six factors must be taken into account when selecting a firearm:

1. Weight and bulk of the handgun
2. Portability
3. Ergonomics
4. Recoil
5. Caliber and ammunition selection
6. Cost

How about knowing your budget: Have a budget or at least a pretty firm limit. You often get what you pay for with guns, more expensive guns can be higher quality-or simply more features. Do you need what the extra dollars buy?? Be prepared to also buy a cleaning kit, holster or gun case and the ammunition to practice and carry. These are necessary starters, not just "extras".

Know what the gun is for before you buy. Is it for home defense alone, concealed carry, or both. Who will use it?? Will you actually carry it?? What is your skill level? How much gun can you really handle?? Be realistic about what you need, and what you can handle.

Before buying, take a GOOD basic handgun class that will provide you with detailed basics including handling and shooting several different handguns and ammunition.

Xocai: Healthy Chocolate Update

If you would like to learn more about the amazing health benefits of unprocessed cocoa, turn into one of these live webinars. JoAnna is a cohost for the Tuesday evening one. Let us know what you think!

Weekly Schedule:
13:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (1:00 PM)
21:00 on Tuesday and Thursday (9:00 PM)
18:00 on Saturday (6:00 PM)

If you would like more information, email me, call me, or visit my website (, 678.777.7417 or ).

"The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long and healthy you will live."
~(Dr. Richard Cutler, while director of the Anti-Aging Research

Peach Pass

If you ever ride your motorcycle through Atlanta you need to read this, it will save you some money. Even if there is only a slight chance, it's worth the 10 min to go through this process. Pass this on to everyone you know who rides.

As most of you know motorcycles are allowed to use the "HOV" Lanes here in Georgia without issues. However, the new "HOT" Lanes (most of the current HOV Lanes are being converted to HOT Lanes) will require a "PeachPass" to use the Lane (this cost money, $20.00 min, plus the cost of the transponder).

What do you need to do? To use the new "HOT" Lanes will require that you register your motorcycle with the "PeachPass" people and there is NO CHARGE for this. All you will need is your motorcycle license tag and drivers license numbers. You CANNOT NOT USE THE WEB to register but must call the following number: (855) PCH-PASS (724-7277). If you do use the WEB, then you will end up paying for the privilege to use the "HOT" Lanes.

This information is from ABATE. If you're not a member and you ride, you need to join, they just saved you $20 and the cost of your first violation!

JoAnna's Mary Kay Special of the Month:

The Mary Kay Replenishing Serum +C is referred to as "A Face Lift in a Box". This antioxidant-rich formula is naturally enriched with a potent blend of multiple botanical sources known for their high levels of vitamin C. Try it now for $45.00—that's $10 off the retail price!

Visit my website and enter "AMS Special" in the comments, call (678-777-7417) or email me!

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Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and Joanna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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