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Greetings, Fellow Motorcyclists!

It is that time of year again… Daytona Bike Week begins on the 9th of March through the 18th. JoAnna and I have attended this event for many years and enjoyed it immensely. We normally found accommodations in St Augustine and commuted by motorcycle. There are so many scenic routes to choose from and you really get to enjoy riding--not just looking! Never a dull moment!!!!!!

Let us know your Bike Week experiences—past and present.

Spring Tune-Up

Spring is almost here and many have not ridden enough to maintain a high level of skill. As you know, our riding skills are perishable and may have diminished to varying degrees. Or perhaps you were one of the fortunate ones purchasing a new ride recently? Often, new rides require a slightly different application of skills.

Identifying those skills you might now be lacking will help you to determine which type of training venue will suit you best, whether that is a parking lot course, on-street training, or a track school (note that I don't usually recommend "track days"). New and intermediate riders will find a parking lot course useful where speeds are low and professional coaching is immediate. On-street training is great for all levels and will provide you with excellent feedback on mental skill, such as traffic strategies, and judgment. Track riding involves higher speeds and can be intimidating, especially for new riders. But the learning opportunities on a track are vast and the fun factor can be much higher than many other learning opportunities.

Call Ken to discuss training recommendations—both AMS and other. Reminder, as an AMS customer you will automatically receive 10% off all future AMS courses. Sign-up now for the best date selection.

Do You Know What You Don't Know?

Shooters will often leave a training course amazed at how much they didn't know when they arrived. And that is a positive thing. NOW they are on their way to becoming a student of the gun. If you are truly serious about being able to defend yourself with a firearm and carrying one on a regular basis (I recommend this), there are several steps you should take. Apply for your CCW license, get some QUALITY training, purchase a QUALITY firearm, determine your carry options and then practice often. This is not a complex formula but I'm often dismayed by how many folks purchase the handgun without getting the training. WOW, reminds me of some motorcycle owners I've known over the years!!!!

Spring Tune up Tips for your Motorcycle

Get your motorcycle to your favorite dealer for a routine service.

Unless you have routinely maintained the battery with a battery tender, have it checked. Many motorcycle batteries have a useful life of 3 to 5 years—and this time can be reduced by lack of use and extreme weather temperatures. Don't stretch this time period. Have a new one installed.

Tire wear could cause you problems this spring if the center is worn excessively and/or you see "weather" marks on the sidewalls. Remember that 3/32th's of an inch is only a minimum depth. Anything close to that and we replace the tire. Also, don't forget to check your tire pressure—tires will lose pressure over time and extreme temperatures can cause dramatic changes in air pressure.

Insure that all cables are lubricated (insist on this with your dealer). Your owner's manual will help you.

World Of Wheels Seminar Schedule Set

If you have not taken advantage of the free seminars at WOW Motorcycles, you are missing out! Candy and Company have done a great job putting together quality seminars and they are offered FREE of charge. You can find more information on the WOW website, but below is a recap.

WOW 2012 Seminar Schedule

02/22/12 Movie Night "On Any Sunday" A must see for all motorcyclists!
03/21/12 Cathy Davies & Larry Johnson share their "Around the World" motorcycle journey.
04/18/12 Sgt Hawk Hagebak presents Stand Up Comedy for When You Are Laying Down on the Road
05/16/12 Motul Ken knows all, tells all about motorcycle oil for motorcycles

Light snacks will be served at 6:30pm and seminars start promptly at 7pm.
All seminars are held on the third Wednesday of the month.
Please RSVP by phone 770/424-8804 or email
We hope to see you for all of the 2012 Rider Education Seminars. Tell your friends!

Shooting Potential

It's a well-known phenomenon that women learn to shoot much more easily than men, especially with handguns. Go GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drugs and Firearms (Got your attention?!)

JoAnna and I will be providing Firearm presentations on designated Saturdays at the McCaysville Drug Store in McCaysville, Georgia throughout the spring and summer. One of the owners (and a pharmacist) has a FFL (Federal Firearms License) and is selling firearms in the drugstore!! Hugh Rogers is a class act guy and is now providing still another service for residents of the community. When you are up this way, stop in, meet Hugh and his crew.

Xocai: Healthy Chocolate Update

Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Weight Loss

Check out this video about Martha and her diabetes, her dad's blood pressure and diabetes, and her mom's weight loss! Pretty awesome!

If you would like more information: email, call/678.777.7417, or visit my website ).

"The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long and healthy you will live."
~(Dr. Richard Cutler, while director of the Anti-Aging Research

Helmet Ratings

I recently came across this U.K. website which tests and publishes the results for helmets. It is especially interesting for those of us who wear modular helmets (referred to as system helmets in the U.K.). Some perform much better than others. Of particular interest, take note of the % of impacts where the front piece remained locked.

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Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Home!

Ken and Joanna

As always, we encourage you to submit observations, evaluations, and experiences relating to the benefits of appropriate rider gear, good street education, and skill enhancement opportunities. Email your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas to Ride smart, ride safe, ride home! As always, feel free to call us at (770) 573-9902.

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