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I enjoyed the individualized instruction and freedom to do the exercises until I felt comfortable. I am new to using a clutch of any kind so drilling take off techniques at my own pace was a great help in building my confidence. The cones also helped me with throttle control and overall riding technique. The only thing I would change would be getting a hotel room the night before the class instead trying to fight my way up 400 in the morning.

Due to road construction I am confined to riding around my subdivision for the next couple of weeks but this may a blessing in disguise. The entire subdivision is only about 2 miles worth of road so I am practicing the basics like shifting, stopping with brakes and turning.~Fred-101

Fred King on his Kawasaki EX500
I wanted to write and say "thank you" for the great day of learning to ride! I had a blast, and was amazed how quickly you helped me learn. I felt like the class was superb, and loved the student/ teacher ratio! I must say, that as a professional instructor also, I love to watch others teach something, and am conscious of many things others may not notice. I will tell you that the communication was awesome -- very easy to understand, and it shows when someone is teaching something they have a true passion about, or when they are just doing a "job" -- without a doubt each of you had a total passion for riding and wanting to share that with others; also, I was very impressed that each of you knew details about each student - you didn't just show up and meet us, you had read our registration, and "knew" each of us a little before we arrived. The help was very constructive -- not "your doing this wrong," but "you're doing this great, but do this too!" ~Rob-101
I've been enjoying motorcycles since the age of 4 and have ridden everything from a Honda "LilRed" 50cc, Cagiva 125 and Honda CR250 (while racing motorcross, trials, and enduro) plus a few Harleys in between. I've ridden in the harshest conditions at insanely high speeds all over the country. I currently race mountain/road bikes professionally and compete in extreme downhill/cross country events and I'm fairly confident in my abilities to keep the "rubber side down".

I enrolled in the ERC class as required to become a Road Captain in my local Harley Owner's Group chapter and to be honest, I took the class questioning if I would get anything at all out of it. After completing the course, I have to say it's a shame that the state doesn't require this to receive a license.

Riding home after the course, I found myself more aware of what was occuring around me. I increased my following distances, kept my eyes in my mirrors at traffic stops, and even slowed before entering curves. I felt safer and more confident. Thank you for helping me become a better rider...this dog has learned some new tricks!~Kevin-ERC

Thank you so much for your patience with me and providing such a rewarding educational class. I can not express the peace and confidence I have acquired thanks to your class. I have been telling everyone what
an enjoyable experience I had taking the class (I only wish I would have taken it sooner). Thank you also for the video and the photo. What a nice surprise. Aaron and I went for a little ride yesterday afternoon
and it was one of the best rides in my life…

Now, I still slow down before the curves but not as much as I used to. And I know, I am going to have to practice, practice, practice to get out of my “old” habits but I just talk to myself such as “eyes and head
up, up, up”… (I am glad no one can hear me). What a difference! ~Vicki-101

The Photo was take right off interstate 20 at Panola Road in one of the Parking Lots. We were on our way to Augusta. I would like to have you guys add this photo to your graduates web page. Without your class I probably would not have progressed as well as I have. I do recognize that this is just the beginning but it’s been a fun ride.

Pun Intended :)

Chris Shamburger

I think one of the key things I picked up today was to not move toward the apex until I saw the exit of the curve. I’ve been looking at all kinds of diagrams in Proficient Motorcycling, etc. and tried to apply what I saw when I rode, but never fully grasped what I read -- until today. Watching your lines and getting the appropriate coaching made all the difference. I also think I gained a lot of confidence back that I had lost when I crashed on that curve on highway 136. I haven’t been on 136 since the crash; now I think I’m ready to tackle it.

I thought the course was well worth while and the communication earphone thing was the bomb. I learn best using the lecture and "hands on technique" with instructor critique to expeditiously correct my no no's. My biggest problem is looking where I'm going and not where I've been so the constant reinforcement has already made me more conscious and I am diligently trying to break my bad habits. ~Nancy-201,301
I wanted you to know that I truly enjoyed learning to ride motorcycles. Your class was very educational and informative. It was very easy to lean to ride by the great way you teach. I would have never thought I would be out on the road with Ken by the end of my class riding a motorcycle. I would like to take Ken up on his offer for another class when I have all the mileage requirements met I have been riding my BMW F 650 CSA and just love it. This bike suites my needs for riding on the roads and hopeful many highways. I can't wait to take a long over due trip on my motorcycle with my husband, Bill who has been riding for 14 years.~Karen-111
Thank you all sooo very much, we ( I ) had a ball today !!!!!!! I truly enjoyed the entire class.... The main thing to me about the class is that you all are very personable people and that really helps when you are already scared half to death and don't know jack about any of the bikes. So once again Thank You for a wonderful expedience and friendly one as well ...... I love the videos , we look like we already knew what we were doing, and just out having a good time. Ken did a good job on the pictures, I have no idea how with the rain and wind.... Thanks again, and we will let you know where we go from here !!!!!!!
~Cindy and Kenneth-101
Thanks for a great day yesterday. You went at many of the skills taught in the state course in a different way so it felt like very little duplication. Plus you taught me skills totally uncovered in the state basic course. Gratefully, Philip-101,201,301 Just to let you and JoAnna know. I passed the New Hampshire License test without a struggle. Many thanks to you. I also just purchased a Harley Road King.~Tom~Manchester NH-101

I certainly enjoyed Saturday and felt it was a great learning experience. I’m definitely going to try to obtain my own bike so I can continue to learn dirt skills. When I got home on Sunday I found “the” email from the Iron Butt Rally congratulating me on being accepted for 2005 so... ~Vicki-202

Note: Vicki took Course 202 (Adventure Sport Riding for the Street Rider). She has been riding for 20 years, rides over 50,000 miles per year, is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach™, and has already completed one Iron Butt Rally—proving yet again, that you are never “too good” to learn! Congratulations on the Iron Butt, Vicki!

Well hello my friends!
I have been out practicing this afternoon, but what a scary ride home. I was turning left going onto the main Roswell road when a lady sideswiped my bike. It was a very minimal contact, but none the less it was contact! I saw it happening so I swerved to the right and I guess her tire barely bumped mine. It was very scary but I maintained control. She never even stopped!!! So, thanks for the swerving skills!!! I took her tag number and followed her for a little while, but I don’t see any damage to myself or the bike. I am glad to have taken your class!!! Thanks a million!!! ~Gina-101,201,301

Thanks for the photo. Great class.~David-101

JoAnna and Ken,
I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed and appreciated the session yesterday. You two are gifted teachers, and it’s just great to spend time with people who are spending their days doing what they love and where their talents lie. The course was, without question, the most valuable money I’ve spent on motorcycling. I look forward to continuing, so please put me on the list for the “full-meal-deal”. ~John-101,201,301
John and I left this morning, with me leading, and went up Blood Mt. like you taught me. Had a blast! John was all smiles when we stopped at the top. Then had a very good ride home without using the brakes (only a few times) and John pick up on that also. Feel I have been boosted up a few notching with my riding skills and am grateful to you and Ken. Also, I like the course summary. Thanks so much. ~Barbara-301
IMPRESSION: Well organized and thought out.
IMPORTANT: For me there were three primary accomplishments. First, I recently purchased a second bike which, unlike my BMW, does not have ABS. I have been spoiled by 2 1/2 years riding with ABS. The traction control instruction was a good refresher. Second, the work we did in regard to gear management was quite beneficial providing me with a much smoother and controlled ride. Third, it confirmed to me that, although I still need practice, my cornering technique is close to were it needs to be. All together I am now more comfortable and confident in taking on the “twisties”. Great fun!
SUGGESTIONS: The only thing that would be nice would be to be able to converse bike-to-bike. Other than that I thought it was great. ~Frank-301
IMPORTANT: Changing what I look at going through the apex of each corner. Then adjusting my vision to look down the road as it opens up. I had been so busy looking “through” the corner that I was not picking my apex properly. ~Jackie-301 I’m feeling LOADS better, especially after my ride with you. I thank you out loud every time I’m stopped at a red light on an incline. I finally get it. ~Jeanne-101,201,301
I wanted you to know that, after your talk with us, I bought a full-face helmet. I was not happy with my current helmet, mostly due to wind noise, fit, and your safety talk. On the ride home I was literally amazed at the quiet sound and very smooth ride just a new helmet gave me. The half helmet with the small visor had been tugging at my head, and creating noise and motion that I did not realize. Now, riding the interstate is not annoying. ~Bill-201
Superb instruction. I have ridden for 40 years and have owned several motorcycles but learned more in these four hours of instruction than I had in all my years of "on the ride training." Many thanks to Ken and JoAnna for a very successful effort in teaching an old dog new tricks! ~Kirby-ERC
Sure enjoyed the ERC session in the rain! ~Frank-ERC
Wanted to say thanks for the recent riding tips, I took a class from you guys a while back… I always read your emails and this type of info is very handy. I am loving my Scarabeo 150… I’ve been really impressed with how it keeps up in traffic. I usually commute to work when weather permits… ~Alison-102
IMPRESSION: Loved it; well organized, very educational, worth every cent
IMPORTANT: I loved the individual focus that I couldn’t get from the state course. I learned more about concepts i.e. learning to train yourself/muscles to behave in a certain way in order for the reactions to become second nature. ~Jane-101

I would have liked to have talked about spills or “putting the bike down” so to speak. Knowing your opinions and some rules on taking a fall seems like it would be helpful to know. ~Chuck-101

As far as “spills”—we prefer to teach you how to avoid them! If you ever hear anyone say “I had to lay it down”—know that the rider is not very skilled/trained. You are ALWAYS better off to stop or swerve to avoid an obstacle. We will go over this in much greater detail in Course 201. Even if you cannot totally avoid an obstacle, your impact speed will be less if you continue to apply the brakes until point of impact than if you “lay it down” (sliding metal has little braking traction). And if you swerve properly, you may avoid the obstacle altogether. I have been riding for 11 years and have never crashed. Hopefully, I never will, but there are never guarantees. Let me know if this helps. ~JoAnna

Actually—this is perfect information… thanks!!!! ~Chuck

There are a variety of plans out there for learning skills of motorcycles. I found that I made the best choice. I can’t thank you and Ken enough for making my experience enjoyable and successful. Without you and Ken’s motivation and enthusiasm I don’t think I could have done it. Thanks. ~Barbara-101

Just a note to tell you what a wonderful experience I had today. I had some doubts in my mind that I could - or even wanted - to ride a motorcycle at my age. Well, all doubts were erased and I now know that I not only can ride, but I want to more than ever. You are both wonderfully gifted instructors, and I look forward to meeting you on the road someday soon. ~Dan-101
JoAnna, your advice regarding shifting has made a huge difference. Thanks so much. And I’ve been experimenting with riding through twists and turns at higher RPMs and like the added control. ~Alton-101,201,301,ERC
I would like to emphasize to you how much the web site, syllabus, email follow up, and such amplify your presence beyond the one-on-one at the course. It would be easy for you to just do the course, but I do not believe that you would generate quite the following that you have without the “multidimensional” follow-up. It is impressive, and makes your students feel very connected. ~Bill-101
For the “older” beginning rider this is the only way to learn, one on one instruction at the learner’s speed! ~Gretchen-101
How fun to be able to see myself riding in the video; I can hardly believe that's me! I wanted to thank you both for helping me overcome my fear and teaching me the “good techniques and habits” to riding smarter and safer. Also, thank you for sending the written summary of what I learned today, it will be very helpful moving forward. Before I go out to practice, I will be able to read it again and again to remember the components. I am eager to try out the basics on my KLR. ~Mandie-101
I always read your communications and try to learn something from them. I am writing to let you know that I do appreciate the information and encourage you to keep up the good work. The more I ride the more I value the training that I received from you. ~Jim-101,201,301


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